Workshop 3 Papers

Laurel Daen (William & Mary) – George Webb Derenzy’s ‘One-Handed Apparatus’ and the Publication of Technologies for Disability in Early Nineteenth-Century Britain

Caroline Lieffers (Alberta) – “Non-medical men, or medical speculators in patents”: Profit, Professionalism, and Antebellum Artificial Limbs

Coreen Anne McGuire (Leeds) – Amplified telephony: the Contest Between Post Office Provision and Unpatented Invention 1936- 1937.’

Mara Mills (NYU) – “A Pen that Reads”: Blind Aids as Assistive Pretexts

Karen Sayer (Leeds Trinity) – Use, Wear and Adaptation: Interpreting aids to the deaf In Victorian Britain

Rujitha Shenoy TR (Gujurat National Law University ) – Access to Assisting Technologies for Disabled Persons: Role of Patent System with special reference to in India

Kristen Starkowski (Princeton University) – Disabling the Stigma: Charles Dickens, Philanthropy, and Disability in Victorian London

Ryan Sweet (Exteter) – An Exegesis on Prosthesis in Victorian Marriage Plots

Jaipreet Virdi-Dhesi (Toronto) – “You can’t see them—They’re Invisible!”: Patenting Artificial Eardrums in Britain and America, 1850-1930