Workshop 1 – Draft papers

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Thematic paper:

Graeme Gooday, University of Leeds – ‘Mapping and explaining the historical diversity of patents’

Roundtable discussion paper:

Lionel Bently – ‘The “Extraordinary Multiplicity” of Intellectual Property Laws in the British Colonies in the Nineteenth Century’

Session 1:  General themes

Gabriel Galvez-Bahar, Université Lille  – ‘The 1883 convention and the impossible unification of industrial property’

Stefano Barazza,  Studio Legale Barazza – ‘The Impact of Social, Cultural and Economic Factors on the Development of Patent Policies: Does Economic Growth Alone Drive International Harmonization?’

Session 2:  India: colonial and post-colonial patent systems

Rajesh Sagar, Marks & Clerk Solicitors (in absentia) – ‘Patent Policy in India under British Raj: A Sweet and Sour Story’

Tania Sebastian, Gujarat National Law University – ‘The India Twist to Patent Culture: Investigating its history’

Session 3:  Mediterranean Europe

Alessandro Nuvolari, Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies, Pisa & Michelangelo Vasta Univ.Siena – ‘Independent Invention in Italy during the Liberal Age, 1861-1913’

Stathis Arapostathis, National and Kapodistrian University of Athens – ‘Industrial “Property”, Law and Inventorship in Greece, 1900-1940’

Ana Romero de Pablos, Centro de Ciencias Humanas y Sociales del CSIC, Madrid – ‘Temporalities and Localities of Industrial Property rights: The Spanish Patent System from   1929 to 1986’.

Session 4: Latin America

Ted Beatty, University of Notre Dame – ‘Patents and Innovation in Late Industrialization: the Case of Mexico’

Bernardita Escobar-Andrae, Universidad Diego Portales, Chile – ‘The Promotion of Different Innovative Business Cultures by an early Latin American Patent System: the Experience of Chile 1840s-1900s’

Session 5:  Northern-central Europe

Karl Hall, Central European University, Budapest – ‘Ungrateful mechanics and Erfindungsautomaten: Patent reform and the value of scientific  judgment in Central and Eastern Europe’

Jose Bellido University of Kent – ‘Blanco: Patent Laws in Twentieth-Century Britain and beyond’

Session 6: Focus on technologies

Patricio Sáiz  Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and Rubén Amengual Universidad Politécnica de Madrid  – ‘International Patent management and the Diffusion of the Four-stroke Engine’

Kjell Ericson, Princeton University – “Science Applied in Aid of Nature”: The First Pearl Patent and Japan’s Culture of Zoological Invention, 1896-1921